Photoshoot with Marsha Pacificar, Astrologist

I did my first photoshoot collab for Marsha Pacificar (IG here), an astrologist coach who works for both private and corporate self care retreats. She also does sound healing with Anthony Espanet (website here) who went with us and carried everything! Her makeup was done by Viviana Rodriguez (IG here), who specializes in vegan and cruelty-free makeup. We found a great shooting location at North Etiwa Preserve in Rancho Cucamonga, and the lighting was gorgeous! IMG_0501-EditMarsha uses her Instagram to bring inspiration to others. “Let go of finding faults in yourself and others,” she wrote in a recent post. “…choose a part of your life where you’d like to create more efficiency. State your need clearly and create a firm intention that you will come up with the most brilliant and efficient ways of doing it. Affirm ‘my work flows easily and productively.'”



Working with Marsha, Anthony, and Viv made the shoot so fun! They were a positive and wonderful team to work with. Anthony helped find a good angle for the best lighting at sunset…



…and Viv helped out with the poses, which I was truly grateful for as a photographer.


Also, Viv is a natural model, so of course I had to get some shots with her!


“I have so much gratitude for the divine relationships and cosmic connections I’ve co-created in the past several years,” Marsha said. “I’ve committed myself to self care, nourishment, supportive, and healthy relations with myself first, and with whom I choose to share my present moment with. I’ve chosen a path of compassion to all sentient beings and there is a divine reciprocation within it. We are supported and we are LOVE.”



She makes her own wooden bangles, which I absolutely love! The nature around us paired perfectly with her look.





The day soon drew to dusk, and our shoot was over. I had a great time, and I’d do it again with the same lovely people. Afterwards, we all went and got ice cream. ~


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