The Newlywed Box No. 8

This month’s The Newlywed Box (NWB) was how to deal with conflict. This subject comes up a lot in our home, as my husband and I are always fighting about something. This box helped us press reset and gave us some reminders on the appropriate way to deal with disagreements. It also gave us some fun activities to do together.

The NWB included some delicious loose-leaf tea with glass mugs. We read the conflict booklet while drinking our hot tea, which talked about how to find a solution to a disagreement to avoid a fight next time.

Another booklet in the box was called “Stop. Look. Listen.” It gave some tips on how to have a good fight. Yes, it’s possible to have a good fight, if you stop to figure out what your current state of mind is (stressed, tired, hungry); look at your spouse and remember you’re on the same team, not rivals; and then try to listen and understand their perspective before explaining your side. IMG_5257

The box also included a fun cha-cha dancing mat and booklet, which we love using because we aren’t that coordinated at dancing together! 😉


There was also a list to keep in your car for the rules of fighting. They’re obvious, but it’s a great reminder for us.


Other activities included working as a team to put together a puzzle…

…and a couple of face masks which I absolutely love!


This box was fun, but addressed the serious topic of conflict. I like how they made the issue addressable in a fun and unique way. I always look forward to these boxes, as they are a way for me and my spouse to have a date at home. 🙂

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