The Newlywed Box: No. 7

This month’s Newlywed Box (NWB) was all about learning to cope, ignore, or meet in the middle about small annoyances with each other. One big point was that for every negative comment that you make, it takes five positive comments to counteract. Another point was how important it is that your spouse isn’t just you significant other, but that they’re your best friend! Make a list of things that you love about your spouse, an next time you’re annoyed at the small stuff read the list and remember that there’s more important things in life to worry about. 🙂


The first thing in the box was a game, which had funny scenarios that happen in just about every relationship. We had a few good laughs as we argued which of us snored more, or who left dishes dirty in the sink after every meal. The point: don’t sweat the small stuff!

The box also included two booklets for each of us that has actual pet peeves in general life. The booklet gives space for you to fill out when you saw it happen, and why it bothers you. After I fill it all out, I’m going to give it to my spouse so he can understand me better! My husband’s biggest pet peeve:


There was also some cute things to do with your spouse, such as coloring cards and mini pencils. I love the pencil case and actually take it with me when I travel now! IMG_0627IMG_0642

The “What I Love About You Today” is a different way to send love to your spouse. We each fill one out and give it to each other before we go to sleep, but I think I’m going to start giving him one in his lunch box, so when he’s at work he’ll get a cute love note. 😉

The last couple things was an info booklet on problem solving, and some popcorn! Next time we watch a movie, we’ll be able to use the popcorn kit.


This box definitely was exciting to open, and it had a bunch of fun stuff that I continue to use. The contents help remind me to stop dwelling on the small annoyances in my marriage, and start loving more! ~

To watch my unboxing video of this month’s NWB, click here.

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