Box Spring Floors and Mobile Homes

For years, my mom and I slept on the floor in our living room every night during the winter. It’s not that I didn’t own a bed–it’s just the way we kept warm in our rather large mobile home. There was no insulation in the place, and we relied on our wood stove to get us through the long, cold country months.

Making our beds became an art–start with an old comforter as the base, followed by one of those cheap sleeping bags from Rite Aid in which a person could unzip into a square. Then that is topped with a sheet and a thick comforter.

I usually slept in front of the TV, our little dog would sleep on the couch, and my mom would sleep by the stove so she could wake up throughout the night to feed the fire. If she accidentally slept through the night, we would wake up with the air being so cold we could see our breath. Every morning, we would roll up our beds and put them away. It was simple, and most of the time I felt like I was at a sleepover.

During the summer, my mother still slept on the living room floor since there wasn’t enough bedrooms for all of us. She was a nurse who worked nights, so she slept during the day. When I was young, I would have to tip-toe around the house while she slept. She claimed she could feel every step I took since our floors were so thin. I soon mastered the art of how to walk just perfectly so she could sleep: make your loudest moves whenever she would would snore!

Even though years have passed, I still have those same instincts of sleeping. I love the simplicity of it all. I don’t need a big and lavish bed. I am quiet when others are asleep, and rarely stomp around.

When my husband and I got married, his family bought a really nice mattress for us. One of those that doesn’t require a box spring. And for some reason, we still do not own a bed frame. Our small dog sleeps in his own bed right next to us on the floor. And I don’t mind it at all. ~



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