The Newlywed Box: No. 5

May’s Newlywed Box was all about dating! One of the most exciting things about the box was a scavenger hunt that we had to go on and post five photos on social media using the appropriate hashtags. Whichever couple got the most likes won a $50 Amazon giftcard, so the hunt was on! We went around town finding posters advertising a local event; a pastry shop; flags from a different country; a mural; and other things in an urban area.

The main point of the box was to encourage the continuation of dating while married. It included fun activities and ideas to do, such as themed dinners, stargazing, and water gun fights!

The intro letter at the top of the box.
The importance of keeping dating going in your marriage.
Themed dinners, with recipes, and movies and music ideas.


When is the last time you had a water gun fight? Have one in your yard this summer when it’s super hot!
I love the lights that came with this month’s box. I’ve used them for table decorations, night lights, and photoshoots. The box also comes with a tarp/blanket to make a fort with. There’s also a stargazing book that I can’t wait to use (once I get out of the city!)

This box came right in time for our one-year wedding anniversary! We decided to head down to San Diego and eat at the Coronado Hotel restaurant. We enjoyed a full-course meal with sunset views over the Pacific Ocean. The funniest part was that our table was right next to Gary Sinise (Forest Gump, CSI: NY) and his family, and Jeremy could NOT stop fangirling!

Our anniversary was actually on a Monday this year, so after work Jeremy made me a homemade meal from scratch. It was soooo good! Afterwards we had our wedding cake, and it actually held up very well.

I’m excited to try out dating more with my husband, and the box helped me with more ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. Here’s to many more years of happiness, my love! ~

Permaul Wedding-5 Couple-0127

Want to watch the unboxing video for this month? Click here.



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