The Newlywed Box: No. 4

April’s Newlywed Box was all about communication. This subject is one of my favorites when it comes to marriage, because it’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced while married. My husband and I grew up totally different, and we communicate in different ways for everything.

This box had a lot of fun activities, and all the activities required communicating with each other. It showed us that often interpret the same thing in two different ways. For example, when we did origami together, the instructions said to “draw a face on the triangle” to finish the origami fish. Here’s how both of ours turned out:



We both followed directions, but both fish turned out totally different! Another example is we both had to draw our dream houses, and then one person described their house in detail while the other person tried to replicate it. When I described my house to Jeremy, some how a few things got flipped:

IMG_1664 My drawing is on the top in green, his is on the bottom in purple. Even though I was very precise and clear, it still didn’t come up exactly the same!

There was another game that ended up being pretty fun. There were flash cards with questions on them, and each person wrote the answer on their drawing pad and then revealed their answer at the same time. We realized we knew each other pretty well, and had some good laughs!


There were a lot of other fun activities that I normally don’t do with Jeremy, like making goo. It was fun doing something different with him, and I think he liked taking a break from working to just have some fun. One of the booklets included in the box talked about Psychologist John Gottman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse, which describes four communication styles that typically result in the end of a relationship: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. I highly recommend checking out this blog post (click here) from The Gottman Institute on it, which also has a cool little video explaining the four horsemen and what you can do to eliminate them.

Check out the rest of our pictures from this month’s box below. Also, I filmed the unboxing video (click here to see it) while camping in Joshua Tree National Park and it features Kaipo, our little dog! ~


Kaipo photobombed me multiple times while I was trying to film the unboxing video.
Sunrise at Joshua Tree National Park
April’s communication box had a bunch of fun activities!
This was pretty easy for us, probably because the length differences between both of our fingers.
Jeremy making an origami frog
Our origami frogs
Me describing my dream house to Jeremy while he tries to replicate it.
On the right in purple is Jeremy’s dream house, and on the left in green was how I heard him describe it. I was way off!

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