The Newlywed Box: No. 2

IMG_8560The most recent Newlywed Box I received was all about intimacy (read about the previous one here). My husband and I had to flip a coin, and then one of us had to be the first to plan an intimate date for the other. The rest of the box gave date ideas, and even materials to help a date go along. There were candles, bath bombs (I love those!), an eye mask, lip balm, massage oil, and even a box full of pieces of paper, each one suggesting a different way to kiss your spouse! Some examples:
1. Woodpecker kiss: short, quick kisses all over the face
2. Downward kiss: start at the ear and kiss down along their jaw to their neck or collarbone
3. Slow-motion kiss: kiss at one-half or one-quarter speedIMG_8562

IMG_8564There was also a list of date ideas, printed on a cute card. Some ideas included going roller skating, going to a fancy restaurant for dessert, and seeing an art gallery opening. The card encourages passing it along to someone else, which I think is a really good add-on to a gift for a friend in the future!

My husband and I had our special date the weekend before Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t go on dates, so really anything we were going to do was going to be special. We ate at my favorite Italian restaurant (link here) in a beautiful part of Upland, California. My husband had never been there, so it was my treat to take him somewhere new. We had their homemade angel hair pasta with fresh salmon, peas, and mushrooms, served in a white wine cream sauce *drool.* Afterwards, we went and saw The Shape of Water. Just doing something like that really made all the difference the rest of the week. We talked about the date afterwards and followed the “date talk” card included in the box. We keep this card on our fridge to remind us to make time for dates throughout the month.IMG_8557

The last two items were little booklets on connecting in the bedroom and three ways to create an awesome marriage. These two gave steps on how to connect with your significant other, especially when marriage becomes “boring.” One of the booklets says that it takes work to make a marriage exciting, but it is worth it in the long run. Another tip was making your bedroom a sacred place for each other. Remove the TV if there is one in your bedroom, and make it a clean, organized space with no distractions. These were helpful, but I think it should’ve had advice for how to deal with intimacy problems. It was more of a general guide rather than a manual on how to handle difficult situations—but overall, it was a box that gave both of us new ideas to grow closer to each other. ~

P.S. Watch my unboxing video for February here!



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