The Newlywed Box: No. 1

The Newlywed Box (link here) is a monthly subscription filled with beautifully designed content to help a couple’s first year in marriage. There are games, guides on what to do when there are conflicts, tips and tricks on how to communicate better, and other goodies to brighten up your day with your spouse. You can tell the box is hand-crafted by people who love design and functionality.

IMG_8088The “4 Points of Connectedness: A simple way to fuel intimacy” is the most helpful to me, with tips on how to wake up to your spouse, how to part for the day, how to greet each other, and how to say goodnight. These four steps were revealed after a relationship researcher studied connectedness between couples and how these things have an impact on the intimacy level in marriages. For example, instead of yelling “Bye!” as you run out the door in the morning, go to your spouse, hug each other, and say “I love you” before you leave. My spouse and I started doing this just this week, and I already feel better throughout the day. When I come home, I take time to find him in the house and say hello, and ask him how his day was at work.

5 Tips for a highly happy marriage_Jeesika.jpgAnother booklet is “5 tips for a highly happy marriage,” which is more detailed and explains what to do and why during your daily life together. One tip that stood out to me was “go to bed mad.” I’ve never been advised to do this in marriage before. It said if you do have a conflict with your spouse before bed, you don’t have to resolve it right then. It suggested that you can sleep on it and resolve it in the morning when you’re rested and not heated up about the situation. It is good to push your anger aside when you are tired, cranky, and are most likely going to make things worse.

One of the tips was to text your spouse during the day and say, “I’m thinking of you!” My husband texted me that yesterday, out of the blue. I had just gotten out of a two-hour work meeting and was feeling pretty down. His text immediately made me feel better, even though it was a small gesture from him.

IMG_8085The Newlywed Box also included a letter book, filled with fold-out lined pages with headers such as, “open when you need a pep talk,” and “open when you need to make a big decision.” After you write letters under each category, you seal it and put the date. I’ve already started, and I know these will help me when I get in a big fight with my husband and need to tell myself to calm down, stop being so stubborn, and forgive him for whatever reason.

IMG_8087The matching game was fun and creative. There were tasks that each person had to do if they got a match–things like give a five-minute foot massage or tell your best-pickup line to your spouse. We are definitely going to play this game often just to see who has to give the next massage without fighting about it. 😉

Our first Newlywed Box is cute, adds something new in our daily lives together, and is already helping us communicate with each other–something that is really hard to do in marriage. I can’t wait to see what the next box will bring for us!

— P.S. (Watch my unboxing video for this box here!)


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