Verizon Website Critique: Phone vs. Desktop Layout

This week I went to the Verizon website to check out where my data was at. I happened to look on a desktop. Instead of going to, I went to I ended on this page that was extremely blocky and looked like it was supposed to be designed for a cell phone layout:

Verizon 1’s first page.

I then opened up the same page on my iPhone and realized it WAS designed primarily for the phone.

Cell Verizon 1
This is Verizon’s home page on the phone, clearly designed for the phone and not a desktop layout.

If you click on the first block, it takes you to, the normal page for checking on your data, paying bills, seeing products, etc. The design was a lot better, but you could tell it was designed for phone viewers. Makes sense though, since they’re a cell phone company:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last page I compared was the “deals” page (click link here to see) This was my third click in after going to Both the desktop and cell phone pages are HORRIBLE:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep in mind the desktop page could look different on different screen sizes, but Verizon should plan for these things! The title and subtitle fonts are at conflicting sizes, the alignment is off, and the overall page has a bad use of white space. I was unhappy with both the desktop and cell phone layouts.

In the end, I went ahead and logged in and checked my data. Those pages were fine IMO. Verizon’s analytics probably tells them that most users check on cell phones–but the few who check on the desktop will be shocked and turned off by the lack of care for design layout and practicality of seeing the main functions on the page without having to scroll down.

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