Anthropologie Instagram Story Inspiration

This week’s inspiration is from Anthropologie’s Instagram stories. They have multiple campaigns, including “30 Days of Dresses” and “The Way I Dress” featuring other IG users and their personal style. They include encouraging quotes and inspirational messages throughout the story. And at any time, a viewer can “swipe up” to see more, which directs them to their website. Take a look below at one of their days:

30 Days of Dresses Campaign
Introducing the story.
Detail Shot
Utilizing the “Swipe up to shop” option.
The Way I Dress IG Story
Want to shop their story? All you have to do is “swipe up” which goes to the product on their website.
30 Days of Dresses Campaign
Stating details of the blouse, with product name on right side.
Simple, Beautiful, To the Point
Setting up the establishing shot.
Quote, Hashtag, IG User
Mentioning the model in photo allows viewers to see her personal style. The hashtag encourages viewers to tag their own photos so Anthro can see them.

Have you done a campaign in your IG story? What are some tips and tricks you use to get the most out of it? Let me know in the comments!

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